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Amphenol AOP's new QEPT 200G PAM4 on-board optical transceiver has been demonstrated at the ECOC2022 Conference in Basel.

It is a 4 channel (4TX+4RX) on-board optical transeiver able to accomodate data-rates of up to 56Gbps PAM4. It is backwards compatible at 25Gbps NRZ.



Features & Benefits:

The QEPT 200G integrates the finest & latest PAM4 enabled VCSEL drivers & TIA available on the market to ensure optimum performance.

QEPT 200G PAM4 is a perfect solution for demanding applications where real-estate and heat dissipation is an issue, whilst allowing the useage of widespread 850nm multi-mode technologies.

Customer sampling upon request starting Q1-2023.

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