Datacom & 5G
Product Datacom & 5G

Amphenol AOP has been enabling top tier customers in the data-center / data-communications industry with high-speed optical solutions for more than 15 years. The layout of 5G networks across the world further drives the need for high density, power efficient optical transceiver solutions used in cluster servers or broadband radio test equipment.

Product LEAP OBT 12-TRX 300G NRZ
The LEAP® On-Board Transceiver is a commercial 12-channel duplex optical transceiver capable of running data-rates of up to 25Gbps per channel (300Gbps cumulative) on multi-mode fiber.
Product SCFF 1-TRX 10G & 25G NRZ
SCFF 1-TRX 10G & 25G NRZ
The rugged SCFF ("Small Cubical Form Factor") is a harsh environment 1-channel duplex optical transceiver operating at data-rates up to 28.05Gbps on multi-mode fiber.