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Embedded systems in military and aerospace rely on ever increasing sensing and processing power to operate, thus pushing the limits of data-throughput . The usage of fiber optics is becoming widely accepted, offering low inter-connect mass, EMC protection and virtually un-limited data-rate capabilities. Amphenol AOP has leveraged its 15 years' experience, together with Amphenol Military & Aerospace Operation's (AMAO's) understanding of its customers, to develop state-of-the art rugged and high-speed optical transceivers.

Product SCFF Rugged (1TRx)
SCFF Rugged (1TRx)
The rugged SCFF ("Small Cubical Form Factor") is a harsh environment 1-channel duplex optical transceiver operating at data-rates up to 25Gbps on multi-mode fiber.
Product FiberQuad (1Tx or 1Rx)
FiberQuad (1Tx or 1Rx)
The Fiberquad® is a rugged optical contact fitting in a size 8 cavity (e.g. D38999) operating at data-rates up to 10Gbps on multi-mode and single-mode fiber.
Product LEAP OBT Rugged (12TRx) "no strings attached"
LEAP OBT Rugged (12TRx) "no strings attached"
The LEAP® On-Board Transceiver is a rugged 12-channel duplex optical transceiver capable of running data-rates of up to 16Gbps per channel (192Gbps cumulative) on multi-mode fiber.